Okay Chicas so heres the deal: I have been noticing alot of red on the runways! And also on the red carpet (heeyy! that works out nicely). So i am giving you some tips onhow to work your red =)

A set i created which includes a POP of red yet also a feminin look with Magentas and classic colours.

Thank you EuropeanChic (Also known as my fellow fashionista Eve) for this lovely set you cerated! Eve used a very popping plaid jacket with a clean-cut skirt to make an astonishing look. Good work eve!

Another set by moi! IN this i used a fresh-off-the-rack blazer with a matching shirt, popping belt, and shorts of course! Red can really make a statement! And even help others with a statement! Without this blazer and shirt this belt would not have made such a statement. :) ANd as you see RED IS VERY DRAMATIC in variouse ways! DREAM IT. SEE IT. EARN IT. LOVE IT. WEAR IT.

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