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H&M Opened in Vasteras, Sewden 1947 with the founder named: Erling Persson. The store's name was named Hennes (which means "hers" in swedish) which only sold woman's clothing. Soon Persson bought an old hunting store located in Stockholm and there, began to sell men clothing and changing the name to Hennes and Mauritz. And now since 1982 H&M has been progressing and expanding in the fashion industry. For more information you can go to: http://company.monster.ca/hmhenca/

H&M is the best. I was there today and saw too many great items! What's great about H&M, is that the junior section is very punk and hard core (like the first set). Then, they also carry very light, feathery, pretty things like pearls and pastel coloured clothing (kind of like my second set below). I love H&M with a passion.. and if you don't, check out: www.hm.com and maybe even these sets I made on Polyvore will help inspire you.

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