Flowers Bloom

Heyy remember that picture of my skirt? And how I said I would put it up in a post?? Well here it is:):) My little sister, Amanda, (who has her own blog, listed on the side bar), and my brother Cole helped me along the way. Amanda took most of the pictures. In order for her to do this, she made me promise I would say: "Wow Amanda is sooo ninja" so there it is sis. Proof in text. So anyways in these photos, I have fun playing with different scenes and accessories! Enjoy!

Cole & Amanda :)

Cole and I pretended to be "silly".

Hmm I am not doing the rain dance. XpromiseX haha

Sorry my dog's tail is in the way.. he would NOT cooperate.

Cool shoes right? Yeah last year my math teacher yelled at me for wearing them. I guess the shiny reflection on the ceiling from my shoes was a distraction every time I walked.. haha sorry!

Whoooaaa Hard-Core mann.

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  1. So cute! My friend has shoes like these, and I made her promise me to give them to me if she dies.


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