The Mall

Hey! Eve and I went to the mall yesterday! Eve (left), Me (right). We had a lot of fun. I'm pretty sure we went to about every store. I've realized you can get so much inspiration from so many different places! Clothing, paintings, stories, or even memories. So this is a little look into what we did. Below is what we bought and what we're wearing as well! Please comment on what you think of the outfit choices etc.
XOXO Natalie Anne

Natalie's Outfit(me):
Tank- American Eagle Outfitters
Top- Cropped Button Down, American Eagle Outfitters
Pants- Jeans, American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes- Gladiators, Nordstrom's Rack,
Purse- Victoria's Secret
Nails- OPI
Ring- I'm not sure if you can see it but it's pretty vintage and has been passed down from my mom.
*Sorry guys I wore alot of American Eagle today... hahaaa(:

Eve's Outfit:
Top- Pacsun, (Brand: Nollie)
Pants- Cropped Denim, Abercrombie
Shoes- Ballet Flats, Me Too
Necklace- Forever21
Purse- made by a small botique(:
Nails- OPI

Wowww Eve's necklace is so cool! I love the colour of the flowers, hearts,and the necklace itself. Then the pink balls hanging make it so unique! Great accessorie:)

My gladiators I got at Nordstrom's Rack. I like them a lot due to how comfortable they are! As well as the detail of the stitching and studs. I do not know where Eve bought her flats but aren't they adorable!? I do know though that the brans is called: Me Too. The flats are flexible (like they're practically curled in a ball before you put them on). The roses make them seem so elegant yet kinda chique. If you look closely there is mini studs around the edges of the pedals.

I bought this skirt at Wet Seal for $20.00! Its soo adorable. I'll have to put up another photo of myself wearing it soon. I think the zipper adds some character to the floral print.

Eve's bag(: Isn't it adorable? Roses again! They are the best by far.

This is my bag. I love this thing so much! As shown here it can have two short straps for over your shoulder. Or you can pull one and transform it into a long shoulder strap, like how I was wearing it! As I said, I got this at Victoria's Secret on sale. It was during the winter though so I don't know if you can still purchase it.

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