Wicked Lovely

Do you see this book? Titled: Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. Have you read it? if not you MUST read it! There are more in the series, I am almost finished with this book though, its sooooo addicting.
Here's a little info about the book:

Aislinn, a 17 girl, who attends a private school in Pennsylvania. She goes about her own business and never gets in anyone's way- even the fey. Yes she sees faeries who are invisible to REGULAR mortal eyes. But not her, just like her mother & grandmother, she was born with the sight to see these invisible creatures. There are stories of those who had sight like Aislinn,... they were usually killed because of it. Secret's must be kept.

Living by rules to never stare at invisible faeries, never to talk to invisible faeries and never to attract their attention, she is fine. Though with this, Aislinn has been comfortable living through the horror of how dangerous and cruel these creatures are.

Soon out of know-where faeries start to stare at her. She seems to be stalked by two faeries. What did she do to deserve this? And because of this, everything is more dangerous in Aislinn's world. The life-ling rules she follows, soon start to unravel.

What will she do? And will she survive doing it?

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