Hey guys, I know its been a totallyy lonng time since I have been on! I have been so busy with summer.  Though I promise I will start updating more often! I love blogging ahah:) Plus this blog will be more fashion forward, and I may add a couple of cool things in too, like art museums I will visit, school trends that I like AND don't like, and maybe some cool finds at vintage or antique stores.  So get ready!!

This summer I have been wisely, planned out a back-to-school wardrobe.  Want to hear it?

1. Leggings & More Leggings!! I <3 them soo much and I just am soso happy that my mom recently threw out a ton of her old, cool animal printed and floral leggings.  Thank you mother..

2. Long sweaters! my school is so cold so If I ever wear a shirt dress or skirt... A nice sweater would go good with it. (I usualy buy xsmall or small as in a size.  But because I wanted a long sweater I bough a Medium).

3. Shirt dresses.  Why? so many options! Belt it, wear as a shirt or as a dress. With leggings boots and a sweater.  Or jeggings & flats. Sososoosoooo many options with this one <3 hah I have already bought some! 

4. Jeggings. Like i said you can use these like leggings or you don't if you prefer it that way.

5.  BoOtS. Yes boots are so in.  I am not just talking about Uggs anymore, what about riding boots? Thats my idea:]

6. Boho Vintage Antique Chic.  WoW a lot of words to describe my new-to-be style! You can find some cool jewelry by Lucky at Macy's.  Accessories in Buckle.  Clothing in locally own botiques. HECk!- even on places like Ebay! I mean you could totally get a pair of Dr. Martens on there for cheaper and they may be an older version that is no longer made anymore.

xxoo Natalie Anne

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