Spring time is the best.  Especially this spring with woodsy tones, natural colors like deep greens, magentas, sky blues, crisp whites and mustard yellows.  Mix and match with these natural colors!  I don't know about you but I would die for some fun wedges, high wasted shorts, and printed tops!  Also i really need someone to go market and vintage shopping with me! Hahah any takers?:)

I am loving this necklace!  I probably have 10 sets I could use this necklace in, it was so hard to pick and choose which set I would actually showcase this beauty in!  And this set won!  Wow, how I would love to take a stroll into a green path like this.  I was just in Disney World and they had beautiful characters made out of FLOWERS!  It was grogeouse!  

My little brother is a BIG fan elephants.  Sorry heres another story: my family went on a safari in Disney World's animal kingdom, and we saw SO many beautiful animals.  I had thought I had jumped into Africa for a second there.  It was so amazing to see creatures like giraffes, elephants, lions, crocadiles, hipposes, rinos, and so much more at such peace.  Though really they were in the middle of Disney World filled with screaming kids and shrieking people on roller coasters.  It was great.  Though long story short, I actually made this set because my brotehr wanted it to be based off of elephants. Hahaa!

Yellow Yellow Yellow.  I like how I am writing this in purple font.  It's like those color-word games.  I am very bad at those might I add.  Anyway yellow is not one of my favorite colors, though I LOVE the feek if this set.  Warm, yet fresh and inviting.  This top is to die for as well.  I would travel far for this top!  As well is the necklace very organic.  

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