Yes lots of chicas have heard of COACH right? Well heres something new they got out wich i just ADORE!  Designer Reed Krakoff designed COACH's new collection: POPPY.  He was inspired by his daughter's New Yorker style as well as her freinds!!  COACH also wrote a textbook on polished prep.  From teen VOGUE's interview with thim he told them:"Girls will wear a sweatshirt with a plaid kilt, then throw on a pair of heels, and macrame bracelet.  I love how they put things together without even thinking about it." So POPPY offers you great colour coated totes, with girly designes, and friendly prices.  You can even go to the COACH website and design a scrapbook cover for a prize of a New York shopping spree of $2,5000 plus your design available as a wallpaper.  To enter this contest you can click this link here: http://www.coach.com/PoppyGirl/
                     .ALL OVER ADORABLE.


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