As I was reading my latest teen VOGUE magazine I noticed some of the model pictures from DSQUARED2 and the more i looked at them the more liking I became to them.  The two designers themselves have very "bite the bullet" taste I must say so myself.  I like it.  Here are some of my top 3 edgy and stunning photos from their 2009 fall collection: 

This picture shows that variation of patterns
and cuts really make 
a BOOMing effect.

I love how this model is carrying a coffee cup!  This shows that in this adorable outfit, you can stay warm in the fall and yet be VERY fashionable. love it doll.

As you can see the fringe really supports this outfit.  With the shades, necklace, and clutch, it becomes VERY convenient for any teen gal lookin for a fierce look.

And gals now that you've seen the top 3 i suggst you get out there and go shopping!!  top stores for this look should include:

  - Macy's (great accessories and denim pants)
  - American Eagle (t's and scarves)
 - MARC BY MARC JACOBS (if store nearby GREAT bags&sweaters)
 - FOREVER 21 (amazing outfit put-togethers)
 - JUCY COUTURE (very fierce chetah essentials) 
 - Claire's/ ICINGS (cute cheap accessories)
 - H&M (Anything Fashion and in Juniors get t's)
- Journeys (not all 4 shoes but t's and bags as well!)

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