Play It Up

Play with colours, patterns, styles, metallics, texture, and accessories in you wardrobes. I have created some ways in which to show you how to play with apparel.
Have fun. Be creative. Be fashionable..

I used a plaid shirt with a studded skirt to make a more daring outfit. Do not think of brooches as something your grandma would wear. Top designers are insuring this trend of brooches in a more modern and creative way. Here I played with the style and placement of the brooches on the shirt. I jacket and shoes completes the outfit.

I used a chic Alexander Wang sweater in this set. It seems to add more of a street edge to the whole outfit. The long strapped bag always adds a couture look especially when slung over the shoulder. It seems to slenderize the body. Leather is a must, Long over Lean is back.

I used a clean canvas of black and played more with scents and texture. Don't be afraid.

Even in the winter you can wear a dress! Wear some leggings with it and a shoe or boot. USe some jewelry like pearls and wear a fragrance to smell, look, and feel beautiful

A sweater can play up the whole outfit, like I showed you above with the Alexander Wang sweater. Even if its a tacky sweater.. If it is not too bad it can be cut, ripped, dyed,belted with a skirt (like the set above) or just accessorized correctly. Have some fun! Take a chance :)

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