The Fashionable Rabbit

Fifi Lapin

According to Elle mag.. who is the most fashionable rabbit? FIfi Lapin of course! Fifi is a very stylish, and a well known rabbit who works what she's got. Fifi wears many extravagant designs such as Chanel, D&G, Marc By Marc Jacob's, Dior, Givenchy, and much much more!

All rights to Fifi are on her own blog: http://fifi-lapin.blogspot.com/
Don't forget her store!: http://fifilapin.bigcartel.com/

Here are some fashion photos of Fifi:)

Fashion all over the world have noticed Fifi Lapin's unique style. In fact stores such as Forever21 and Pac Sun are now selling tees and sweaters with Fifi feateued on them!


  1. Delia's has some Fifi tees as well. Just bought an adorable yellow one featuring her in a variety of fabulous outfits!

  2. ahh thanks so much(: I will look there


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