Chanel's Spring-Summer Haute Cotoure

Ever feel like too much Gold was shown during the fall and winter? Well lucky you! Chanel brings silvers, whites, and more silvers! Karl Lagerfeld states that not even one gold button was used during this whole collection, as well as blue and navy pieces. This is a first for Karl!

Chanel Spring 2010 Couture
I love how much detail went in to this! So much work were put into these pieces it's like peeking into a maze. A new path is chosen every time! I seems as if this piece was quilted very finely. The stockings give off a translucent yet metallic feel. And last but not least the bow adds volume (though the hair is very volumes already!).

Chanel Spring 2010 Couture

This piece to me, is one of my faves! It seems so effortless... as if the model was just walking through clouds and doves. The fabric fits the model perfectly and gives a very elegant feel. Also in every piece metallic gloves are worn- perfect!

Here are some sets that I made!:

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