DIY Birthday Shoes

Well you see one of my best friend's birthday was yesterday! So my friend Bethany and I decided that we should do something creative for her bday present!! I really hope Hannah is not reading this.. but idt she even knows I have a blog. idk. Anyways here are some pictures.  Hannah loves Phineas and Ferb, anything Asian (in  non raciest way!! like she loves Tokidoki and stuff), unicorns, Hello Kitty, cats, and  ton of other random stuff including whales! So here are the shoes we created for her birthday present in which I am giving to her at her party on Thursday:):) 

Very easy to do but i am writing this down anyway-

you need-  shoes, (I got mine at H&M for $12, high tops were also available) fabric markers, pencil, maybe a computer to look up images, and a creative mind! (cheesy I know). 

1. Brainstorm what you want to draw.  What does your friend like? Shopping, skateboarding, anything!
2. Look up images or words if needed.  Most I drew free hand.
3. Draw image very lightly with pencil on shoe.
4. Use light colours first on the shoe, then outline then image in thin black fabric marker.
5. Doodle as much as u want and BAM! You are DONE! 

I just LOVE the inside print of these shoes!
I drew Perry the platypus on haha:)
Chinese<3 I hope I drew them right, my sister was the one looking up the images for Bethany and I.
"Hannah in Chinese!!?"

I see how when I took the pictures from my Mac that the writing is backwards, some words like MOOP is what my friend says in places where a curse word would come into play LOL, I have abbreviations for places where she has visited or lived, little inside jokes, and things we quoted her on!

I was inspired to do this by the blog: Cherries, in which she created Miu Miu DIY (I bought myself a pair and I am drawing the sparrows! I am sooo excited!).  If you have gotten this far along in my post I thank you for bearing through all of my nonsense wording and such! Haha comment if you may!!
xoxo Natalie Anne

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