Hey everyone, I am so excited to show you this new Mini Editor widget by Polyvore!  So basically I can pick any items from polyvore (the limit is 100) and add them to this little list down here! Then who ever is nice enough to visit my blog (ehemm you), can create your OWN set!  Right here on this very blog(:  So try it out!  These are some bits of clothing and photos I put out, I love Boho style and that is what my "back-to-school" look is:)

Powered by Polyvore

  And guess what? ME and YOU can WIN $1,000!  Cool right? Hope you made a set!  For more information on all of this cool news just follow this link: http://blog.polyvore.com/2010/08/meet-mini-editor-and-win-1000-for-your.html 

xoxo me(:

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