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I edited some of these pictures, more toward the bottom!  I wanted them to be at the top though, but I have no idea how to drag them up towards the top.. ugh sorry!  If any of you, know how to please comment or email me.  It would be very helpful.  Hmph, well I have to go to a cheerleading fundraiser.  at this spaghetti  dinner.  The thing is, I was smart enough to tie dye with my friends this morning! AHHH blue and yellow colored hands!! 

Hehe well I hope you enjoy my little post, I should be getting faster at this stuff.  There are three pictures of my beloved key necklace- sorry.  And my camera is finally up & running!!  Soo because of the dilemma these pictures are from May, and in Minnesota it is still VERY VERY cold out.  My nose turns blue. My hands turn purple. Please email or comment!! 
XXOO Natalie Anne
Oh man, I love my shoes though!  This use to be one of my
favorite outfits. 

Haha me... in May!

Did not edit this.

Key necklace on my oh so favorite chair my dad picked out!!

My beloved key necklace!

This chair is vintage, my very great grandma's.  It's tiny though, I think it's because people
use to be so much smaller.. long ago.

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